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Monday, July 30, 2012


Download the best dota hotkeys for you. Used by more than 8000 dota players per day. Standard and the best dota hotkeys for you. With quick chat for dota commands and modes. With show ally HP / enemy HP and disable Windows key.

Hotkeys commands:
Alt + Q = numpad 7
Alt + W = numpad 8
Alt + A = numpad 4
Alt + S = numpad 5
Alt + Z = numpad 1
Alt + X = numpad 2
Quick chat commands:
F5 = -so
F6 = -clear
F7 = -ma
F8 = -afk
Notes (Since a lot of people are asking already):
1. Extract the ZIP file properly. You can use my favorite decompressor or the famous winrar.
2. If your OS (Operating System) is Windows 7 and the hotkeys doesn’t run properly, try to run as administrator. Right Click the dotahotkeys.exe and click Run as administrator.
3. I see a lot of people are posting alternative links and their copycat posts / blog in the comments section. P.S. Don’t forget to attribute this blog and show some respect.
4. Add my Garena account. kurosuji.kean
Some interesting facts that I can share with you:
1. There a lot of people who are downloading around 3:PM to 8:PM. The reason is that there a lot of  students who are playing after school hours.
2. I received a lot of traffic during holidays and vacation.
3. This post was originally for our team’s consumption and initially have no intention to share it for everyone. Thanks Google Bots for crawling!
Enjoy and thank you for supporting Download Dota Hotkeys.



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